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Our excursion to White Friars

on May 22, 2014

7 Responses to “Our excursion to White Friars”

  1. class 3LS says:

    Great video 3JL

  2. Amelia says:

    I loved going to White Friars. I loved hearing the students sing and of course seeing Matthew play the trumpet. It was a spectacular excursion.

  3. LUKE says:

    Good working boys and girls!

  4. Kate steward says:

    Hi 3Jl. Well Mr Jenkins drew a picture of famous people on our whiteboard. I liked the Whitefriars video and i saw my Sister Sophia Dancing to the left to the right.
    KATE 5EM

  5. Rose says:

    Everyone should believe in music

  6. Sandu says:

    The excursion was sooooo cool,just like this video!

  7. Cecilia :D says:

    Hi 3JL,

    Looks like you had heaps of fun on your excursion! You guys are great at singing! What were your favourite parts of the concert?

    Cecilia 😀

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