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Maths: The Array Game

on May 2, 2014


The “Array game” is an open ended game to visually teach students multiple facts.


The aim of the game is to be the first person to fill a piece of grid paper with their “arrays”.


The array is a number by another number. For example 3×3=9



5 Responses to “Maths: The Array Game”

  1. vincent says:

    Good blog

  2. alex and jackson says:

    I like your array game and tell my sister Mary that she is doing very well.

  3. John says:

    Hi 3JL!!
    We do this game in maths as well to help us with our multiplication.

  4. Flynn says:

    Your working looks fun and educational. Hope all of the rest of your work is this fun.

    -Flynn 4JW

  5. Kate Steward says:

    I Hope You all had a Nice Holiday And your Blog is Very intersting.

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